• Samantha Alethea Inniss

Fleeing the Land of Milk & Honey

Updated: Apr 8

I had to flee.

I felt it in my spirit...something telling me to just “Go”! It was loud and forceful so I hopped on a flight that same day and left. I called my mother and said “I’m coming tonight, there’s only one flight left, everything’s canceling fast but hopefully I make this one.” She said “Why do you sound like that, did something happen?” “No mummy, same old things, I just don’t feel comfortable here, I’ll call you back once I board.”

I reached.

I made it. I got away from the climate of chaos and landed in what many call paradise but I’m lucky to call it my other home. Two days later a State of Emergency was announced in the U.S., followed by continuous uprisings from the protests to address the many unfortunate events that have historically become societal norms. My soul was feeling weary and I was unable to shut out the noise even from over a thousand miles away because what I learned is a powerful nation has an effect on the world during a time like this in more ways than one.

Unconsciously, news media stories ran daily through my mind, disrupting my peace in the day, entering my dreams at night without my permission...and I would connect them to my real life experiences, my family’s, my friends’, where I live, spaces where I worked or just existed. Many emotions ran wild within but one took more control than others-Fear.

My life is a gift 🎁 and I have been blessed with gifts that I must use wisely wherever I am in this world. I declare that I will remove what doesn’t serve me well in this life and live the life my creator intended for me to live. BY MY OWN STANDARDS. I’m cleaning out all the trauma and creating a new reality. There’s no need to fear, my ancestors left instructions for me just in case I get lost.

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